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Drug Court in Eden Prairie, MN

Drug Court Testing & Monitoring

The first drug court was established in Florida in 1989. Drug courts were created and established as an alternative diversion program to help curb drug and alcohol abuse and provide opportunities to reduce or avoid jail time altogether for drug-related offenses. Drug courts do this by offering offenders the chance to participate in drug or alcohol treatment programs in exchange for dismissal of charges or reduction of sentences.

When an offender enters the criminal court system with a drug offense, attorneys, social workers, probation officers, judges, drug treatment providers and other personnel evaluate them to determine if they are eligible for diversion. If so, all those parties work together as a team to promote rehabilitation and a sober lifestyle. Accountability and engagement are key for offenders, and progress and program adherence are determined through drug and alcohol test results.

ARCpoint Labs of Eden Prairie, MN staff are trained in drug court procedures and are a positive partner in promoting positive outcomes for those who might otherwise be committed to incarceration without opportunities to rehabilitate.

ARCpoint Labs of Eden Prairie, MN – Working with Drug Courts for Over 20 Years

ARCpoint Labs of Eden Prairie, MN are trusted collections specialists for drug courts nationwide. 2015 marked the 20th anniversary of our first established drug court relationship in the Circuit Court of Greenville, South Carolina. Our professionals understand the requirements and best practices of testing for drug court programs and can be engaged to conduct collections for:

  • Adult or Juvenile Drug Court
  • Veterans Treatment Court
  • DUI Court
  • Family Drug Court
  • Federal Drug Court
  • Tribal Healing to Wellness Court

ARCpoint Labs of Eden Prairie, MN vast experience and depth of training makes it the perfect partner for your local drug court needs.

Common Court-Ordered Testing Types

  • Urine screening & Saliva Testing — both of these tests provide a recent window into drug or alcohol use
  • Hair drug testing — provides a longer, 90-day record substance use
  • Fingernail — On the substance abuse testing spectrum, fingernail tests yield the longest term results
  • Sweat patch — this test is typically ordered when the court requires 24/7 monitoring
  • DNA tests (a legal paternity test) — can determine maternity or paternity of any child in custody or family disputes
  • Environmental Testing — identifies dangerous drug residue contamination that remains when methamphetamine or illegal drugs manufacturing takes place
  • EtG/EtS Urine Alcohol Testing — Alcohol evaporates quickly, but EtG/EtS urine alcohol testing can extend the window for determining whether a person has been drinking long after the alcohol itself has been metabolized

Learn More About Our Testing Services

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