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Management Training in Eden Prairie, MN

Supervisor Training is the Key to Drug-Free-Workplace Success

Even if your company invests time and money in developing and writing the optimal drug-free-workplace policy, if it isn’t implemented properly, or worse yet, not at all, you have wasted resources. The key to successful outcomes is successful implementation. The degree to which front line supervisors understand the purposes of and their responsibilities under the policy, and the degree to which employees buy into it, is the degree to which it will succeed when the rubber hits the road.

Step 1: Train Supervisors

It is front line supervisors who are directly responsible for executing all aspects of a company’s drug policy. To do so well, they must be carefully trained and supported in every foreseeable aspect and contingency. The company’s front line supervisors and management team must be trained to:

  • Understand the goals of the drug-free workplace policy
  • Understand their critical role in implementation
  • Understand and accept their responsibility in implementation
  • Understand the physiology and psychology of addiction
  • Recognize and be alert for observable behaviors that may indicate an employee is impaired and actively abusing drugs or alcohol
  • Strategies for approaching an employee suspected of substance abuse
  • Know the most commonly abused drugs and their effects

Step 2 – Introduction & Implementation to all Employees

You’ve developed and adopted your company’s drug & alcohol policy; and you’ve trained your supervisors and management team in how best to implement it. It’s go time. The process of rolling out the updated policy to all employees in the organization is a balancing act. There is no need for trumpets and fanfare, but there also must be a certain amount of time and energy given to it so that employees understand its importance and their obligations and potential consequences. ARCpoint Labs of Eden Prairie, MN personnel can assist in every aspect of implementation of the policy for optimum success.

Contact ARCpoint Labs of Eden Prairie, MN to Assist Your Management Team

Your management team doesn’t have to be in the dark when it comes to successful roll out of your drug and alcohol policy. Let our team at ARCpoint Labs of Eden Prairie, MN guide you through.